Authentic Seasonings

Fish Fry Kit

If you're looking for the Classic, Golden Brown, Fried Fish taste, look and texture that our Grandmothers knew how to do: THIS. IS. IT.

Our Fish Fry Kit takes a process that can require hours of blending, prep work and flavor-balancing down to two steps with two seasonings! 


 12 oz. Seasoned Fish Fry  and 4 oz. Louisiana Fish Seasoning


Two-Step Fried Whiting Fillet Recipe 📝

📍1 Lb of Cod or Whiting Fillet
📍 1/2 Lemon 🍋
📍Nana Foods Louisiana Fish Seasoning
📍Nana Foods Seasoned Fish Fry
📍 Vegetable Oil, As Needed For Frying


📍Clean Fish with Lemon and water. Lightly, but completely Season both sides with 🍋#NanaFoods Louisiana Fish Seasoning.

(See 2nd Step picture for reference 🙂)

📍Then bread the fish in Nana Foods Seasoned Fish Fry Completely.

📍Heat up the vegetable oil in a large frying pan. Then place the breaded fish in and fry on both sides until golden brown.

📍Remove, drain on a paper towel and Enjoy! 😋