Organic Turtle Black Beans

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  • 3lb Bag
  • —  Raw, Sproutable, Vegan
  • — Very Low in Saturated Fat & Sodium, Cholesterol Free
  • — A Very Good Source of Dietary Fiber, Protein, Thiamin, Magnesium

Black Turtle Beans are shiny, dark, and rich in flavor. They originate from Central and South America, however, now the major commercial producers of black beans are India and Brazil.

This particular variety of beans is very close to red and white beans in many ways. What sets them apart is that black beans hold their shape better while cooking, and their original rich taste is similar to mushrooms.

Health Benefits of Black Beans

Like all other legumes, black beans offer significant health benefits:

    • A cup of cooked black beans provides you with 15 grams (half of the daily dose) of fiber.
    • An exceptional source of protein
      The same amount of turtle beans also provides you with 15 grams of highly digestible protein (one-third of the daily dose). No other fruits, vegetables, meat, or grains can provide such a right protein fiber combination.
    • Regular digestive process
      Such a unique and efficient combination of protein and fiber allows black beans to regulate your digestive process, which results in the optimal chemical balance of bacteria and microorganisms in your intestines.
    • Balance blood sugar levels
      As turtle beans normalize your digestive process, they have the same effect on the food breakdown rate, which prevents severe blood sugar level spikes.
    • Reduce the risk of heart disease
      Soluble fiber, which you can obtain from consuming black beans, has proven to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and myocardial infarct.
    • Cancer prevention
      According to the results of multiple studies, legumes considered to be one of the most efficient cancer-prevention foods. Black Turtle Beans considered being most valuable of their kind. They are especially helpful in treating and preventing colon cancer.
  • SHELF LIFE: Up to 4 years
    STORE IN: Cool, Dry Place